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Video Randomnessy of my Life.
17 most recent entries

Date:2009-12-10 21:41
Subject:This is an awesome vid!!
Mood: amused

Some fan vids are pretty cool:)

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Date:2009-11-23 22:03
Subject:soooo close....
Mood: busy


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Date:2009-10-28 23:30
Subject:School Project?
Mood: melancholy

Bitterness for a broken heart can be best shown in a dance project...This was in march.

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Date:2009-10-16 22:16
Mood: creative

So this is secret post...Shhh this is about the process of my costume. So for halloween I'm dressing up at a science officer from Star Trek T.O.S...not spock cause the ears are a pain...So I couldn't get over the prices of trek "Offical" costume...really 60 bucks for a thin crappy shirt...I think not. So I went to target and bought a mens blue shirt that matches the dark blue worn in the movie...couldn't find one in light blue like the old TV show...sadness...so then I just bought an iron patch for the science dept.

Here are some pictures of my progress...

This is the shirt...pretty nice huh? Oh and my messy closet:)

Being funny...

Trying to do green makeup.

Possible hair?

Star Trek makeup.

My Sexy boots:)

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Date:2009-09-08 16:45
Subject:First time...
Mood: sore

Last night was the first huge concert I've ever been to and this is what happened...sorry about the horrible picture I need a scanner...

Moshing was fun...but man my ribs hurt today...

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Date:2009-08-29 19:40
Subject:Art Goodness...
Mood: cheerful

Lookie...I got this tripod from a garage sale today for a dollar...pretty sweet deal...still trying to find a record player though...

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Date:2009-08-28 17:53
Subject:Favorite TOS episodes:)
Mood: crazy

These are not in any order:)

1. Amok Time:

2: The Naked Time:

3. Journey to Babel:

4.Turnabout Intruder:

5. Trouble With Tribbles:

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Date:2009-08-27 22:34
Subject:Art Stuffs...
Mood: creative

I just finished a piece for the B.S comic show...should I do some more of these?

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Date:2009-08-21 16:26
Mood: accomplished

I love worf...here are some fave clips:)I like kirk, I like spock...but worf has special place in my heart...

(dating tips)

(Worf loves Kitties)


(best quotes)


(SO true...)

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Date:2009-08-21 16:04
Subject:More Star Trek:)
Mood: cheerful

I can't resist posting more video's about star trek:)I'm a total star trek nerd right now!
Its just so harmless and friendly sometimes, which was my big problem with Dr.Who...you never knew if it would end well...I guess this is just my American positive behavior showing through:)

( Eddie can be distracting because of his pretty dresses but he's talking about TOS:)

(What's up nerds!)

(The best Spock/Kirk video ever!)

(My fave Garak and Juilan Bashir video)

( I cant take them as a couple but they are funny)

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Date:2009-08-20 22:04
Subject:Star Trek Goodness:)

My last post...I promise...these are some of my favorite Star trek fan/actual videos:)

(I heart Jean Luc Pichard.)

(Sure you are Spock...sure.)

(This song rocks)

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Date:2009-08-20 21:20
Subject:Nerds do it better:)
Mood: impressed

I love these clips:)

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Date:2009-08-20 20:55
Subject:Things that really freak me out and most are british:)
Mood: crazy

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Date:2009-07-06 22:17
Subject:Chilling at Starbucks a looooongg time ago:)
Mood: ditzy

Chillin at Starbucks

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Date:2009-07-06 22:07
Subject:Me in England:) So cold....I look Welsh.
Mood: cold

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Date:2009-07-06 20:49
Subject:Vid by my friend Curtis.
Mood: giddy

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Date:2009-07-06 20:44
Subject:Video 1:)
Mood: crazy

I'm only posting weird videos I make or find here:)

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